Muttis Dream Book

Muttis Dream Book

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Towards the end of the second world war, a tragedy unfolded that many people are still not aware of. The granddaughter of a Countess, Anita learns not to follow the traditional way of doing things. Heavily reliant on her intuition, which ultimately saved the life of herself and her daughter. She guides her family as they make their escape from East Prussia as the Russians make their final advance. In the coldest winter for decades, millions of refugees took flight from their homeland, and those who survived were unlikely ever to return. Anita was known as Mutti to all her family, and she and her daughter Inge achieved their goal of reaching a ship that would take them to safety. After spending a night aboard the ship, warm and safe at last, Mutti had a dream. Because of that dream, and amidst her daughter’s protestations, they disembarked the Wilhelm Gustloff. The ship was to set sail the next day. In this unbiased account, hear about what happened next in this shocking true story of incredible proportions that knocks Titanic out of the ballpark.

ISBN-13: 9781913568559
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Publication Date: 10/28/2021
Pages: 276

Muttis Dream Synopsis

Anita Saul, the granddaughter of a Prussian Contessa and with Jewish lineage,  was in a perilous position as the rise of Nazism crept over the Germanic states of West and East Prussia. Worse still for the family, Anita’s brother supported and even joined the Nazi party when he was just 18 yrs old.

Aspirations of a musical career were dashed with a pregnancy outside of wedlock. Anita married the father of her child and the man that she loved Herbert Tollkühn and after the birth of their daughter they settled in their apartment in Königsberg, the capital city of East Prussia.

Anita was skilled in making money and took over an old house in a seaside resort turning it into a successful Hotel. They lived between Cranz on the coast and Königsberg where Herbert held down a job working in the water treatment centre for the city.

In the early days of the rise of Hitler, Anita foresaw impending disaster would befall her nation.  Her daughter Inge even met Hitler at school and was forced to shake his hand, her mother proclaimed that her hand would drop off as a result as she had shaken hands with the devil.

The Nazi party slowly began their tyranny over the Jewish people in their country, many fled early on, others stayed at their peril. After her father died, Anita needed to ensure that her mother remarried to rid her of her Jewish surname, so a marriage was agreed to that she no longer carried the name of Saul.

Her husband , Herbert, was forced to join the Nazi’s, a responsibility he despised.

The war escalated and culminated in the Russian advance. Shortly after she heard that her husband had fallen, they were told to leave their home as the Russians were twenty minutes away. Anita knew that would mean certain death if they remained and so she took her family across a snow covered beach to head west as fast as they could.

The intention was to reach the last ships that were sailing from Gotenhafen and Danzig to sail to the relatively safer shores of Germany.

After three or four days they reached the last ships to leave. They boarded ‘The Wilhelm Gustloff”, a  Cruise liner build to carry 1,700 people. Over ten thousand people boarded the ship. They made camp in the empty swimming pool ready to set sail the next day.

That night Anita had a dream and decided they were disembarking the ship. Inge protested but her mother was adamant. At Noon the ship set sail and later that evening was hit by three torpedo’s from a Russian submarine the S-13, the second went straight into the swimming pool. Only around 960 souls survived the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff , the worlds worse maritime disaster that so few know about. Most of the victims were women and over 5000 children.

Finally they reached Hannover, where Inge met an English soldier Dennis Hopper, he was one of the first English soldiers to enter Bergen-Belsen. They moved to England and had two children, Marianne and Dennis. Dennis Hopper junior is my husband and our two sons interviewed and videoed my mother in laws account of what happened, just three years before she died in 2015.

Did you know?

We’ve set up a huge bank of historical photography and videography based around Mutti’s story, you can view it here.

About Beverly Hopper – Mutti’s Dream Author

Mutti’s Dream is Beverly’s first book. Never having the intention to write a book, she became compelled to write after hearing the story of what happened at the end of the second world war from her mother-in-law Inge on countless occasions.

As Inge grew older, her recollections became stronger, together with the desire for the story to be told to a broader audience. This became a burning passion within her.

Beverly wanted to record Inge’s words as far as possible, but rather than record an interview herself, and she thought it appropriate that her two sons be the ones to undertake the interview. Countless accounts of what happened and the video recording, and the many books and memorabilia assembled over the year formed the book’s basis.

Beverly has a sister Nicky, a brother Nigel and they lived with their parents in Lancashire and Whitby, North Yorkshire, before moving to Sandbach in Cheshire in 1970. Her parents Judy and Michael Walker enjoyed a happy marriage until her father’s untimely death at just 50yrs old. Now Judy and her partner Allan still live in Sandbach, and Nicky lives close by. Her brother and family live in Scotland.

Beverly and her husband met and married in Cheshire, where their sons Daniel and Adam were born. Beverly spent most of her business life working within the financial sector and now runs her own company and, alongside a team of tax specialists, supports businesses in claiming research and development tax credits.

Beverly’s husband Dennis works at Leeds University, and they live in West Yorkshire with a son, Dan, and daughter-in-law Kirsty, living in Chesterfield with their two children Jack and Emily. Her second son Adam is currently living and working in China with his wife Luping, and they have a business called ‘House of VFX” working within the film industry.