Muttis Dream

Based On A True Story of Survival.
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Towards the end of the Second World War, a tragedy unfolded that many people are still not aware of. The granddaughter of a Countess, Anita, learns not to follow the traditional way of doing things. Heavily reliant on her intuition, which ultimately saved the life of herself and her daughter. She guides her family as they make their escape from East Prussia as the Russians make their final advance. In the coldest winter for decades, millions of refugees took flight from their homeland, and those who survived were unlikely ever to return. Anita was known as Mutti to all her family, and she and her daughter Inge achieved their goal of reaching a ship that would take them to safety. After spending a night aboard the ship, warm and safe at last, Mutti had a dream. Because of that dream, and amidst her daughter’s protestations, they disembarked the Wilhelm Gustloff. The ship was to set sail the next day. In this unbiased account, hear about what happened next in this shocking true story of incredible proportions that knocks Titanic out of the ballpark.